Simple Water Heater Repair Guide

water-heater-repair-in-washington-dcOkay, here’s my first plumbing blog post: (bear with me as I’m no expert – just giving some information from my own experience.. here goes!!!)

There is nothing as frustrating as being left without hot water when you climb into the shower.  That doesn’t always mean that whoever beat you to it used it all up though.  Every now and then our water heaters need a bit of TLC and this is what you can do to simply troubleshoot the problem and repair your water heater with ease.  Here are three of the most common repairs that your water heater could need:

No Hot Water

Possibly the worst thing to stop flowing out of your faucets is hot water that was once there!  There are a few reasons why this is happening and these include either faulty pilot light, faulty gas thermocouple or the pilot control switch is on the fritz.  Fix this problem by checking the pilot flame to see if it is still lit.  Occasionally you would need to replace the control switch or the thermocouple, which can be a DIY project, but should be left to the professionals.

Not Enough Water

no-hot-water-coming-out-of-the-fixturesAlright, second to not having any hot water would be not having enough of it!  This usually happens when your home has more people in it than usual and is caused by an undersized tank were water is stored.  To rectify this, you can invest in a larger unit that will keep everyone in the home happy and enjoying hot showers.  If that isn’t a problem that you’ve had before, you might be dealing with a crossed plumbing connection or your tubing has broken.  Call in a plumber to attend to these repairs for you.

Rusty Water

rusty-waterIf you have ever heard the scream of a frantic teenage girl when the water changes color mid-shower, you’ll know all about rust colored water.  There are two possible causes for this happen to your water heater, either corrosion has occurred inside your tank or the anode rod is failing.  To rectify this, you need to replace the anode rod with a magnesium variety. You can get these from a plumbing supply store or have your trusted plumber do it for you.

A friend recommended me to a reputable Washington DC plumber, apparently, I don’t live in the area, so if you are residing in DC Metro, you’re in luck! Get in touch when them if you can see problems in your heater.  Don’t wait till it’s too late!! (that rhymes!!)

Learn how to install an electric water heater by watching Lowe’s video below! Check it out to become the best DIY plumber in the neighborhood!